Wednesday July 11th - The first thing we did after taking a 15 hour flight from LA
and checking in to our hotel in the morning was take a wonderful long walk down to
Sydney's famous Operhouse. It was a tad chilly, it being winter down there - but beautiful.

That night, tired from our walk and ready for bed, I decided to check in with Kato
(whose night I would be spinning at the following evening) and he told me that
was going to be doing a free show at this awesome record store just around
the corner from us in a few hours (!) I am a huge Sinden fan so naturally we had to go.
It was a super fun,crowded and sweaty evening but eventually the jetlag kicked in.
Jimmy the record store owner knew all about our Riddimmethod blog so that was
cool. Of course Sinden rocked it hard as expected as did Sleater Brockman, Moriarty ,
and Kato who were switching off on the decks before him. On our way out we bumped
into DJ Wax Motif a wicked great guy and talented DJ as well.

Thursday July 12th That is me on the decks in back while the crowd is starting to heat
up at Wamp Wamp "Sydneys only weekly night for Crunk / Baile Funk / Baltimore Club /
Hyphy / Miami Bass / Grime / Party Jams." A recipe for fun indeed. Peace to Non
for lending me a cartridge when one of my needles freaked out. After my set
I noticed that Sinden was in the house chillin with Kato and the other young hipsters.
The place was still poppin when I left as DJ Spruce Lee was holding it down solid.

Friday July 13th (noon) I played live on FBI radio an awesome state supported station
run almost entirely by volunteers. Everyone was super nice and enthusiastic about
my visit. DJ Paul (on the left) interviewed me after I got Serato all set up and Dan Zilber
(with me on the right) is the musical director and chatted with me after my set. Feeding
off the stations good vibes I felt great about my hour long mix - a blending of many styles
mostly in the jungle tempo as I was saving my Dubstep tempo tracks for the VOID show
that evening. Shout outs to FBI DJs Matthew Levinson for helping to hook this up and to
Stu from Fat Planet for being the first to play my tracks on the air in Oz.

Here is a short video clip of my radio set on FBI

Friday July 13th (evening) Ahhh VOID this show was amazing!!! - the sound system
was sick, the place was packed with a diverse crowd of cool, open minded people and
all the other artists on the bill were both super talented and super nice - plus a bunch of
people came up to me saying that had dug my set on the radio that afternoon.
Bec Paton (on the left) started the night off with an eclectic mix of crazy hip-hop inspired
instrumentals most of which I had never heard before. I went on next and played a mix
that jumped between Dubstep,Baltimore, Boston Bounce and other dub inspired treats
and the crowd was really responsive. CHECK the playlist for my first 45 minutes.

Here is a short video clip of my VOID set

Luke and Seb of Sub Bass Snarl were up next rockin laptops and effects. These
cats have been putting on experimental electronic music shows since back in the
day and know how to rock it - big ups! and big thanks to Keith Whitman for introducing
me to these guys (via email) as they helped me get involved with this awesome night.

Mark Pritchard (on the left) was up next. He makes amazing tracks in many
styles that span the gamut of electronic music from hip-hop to IDM but tonight
he brought some original deep and heavy bass as well as some unreleased dubplates
by his friends Skream and Mala. We hung out during soundcheck trading a few of our
own tracks (gotta love jump drives!) Damien Abicic aka VICTIM (on the right) was
host one could ever ask for. DOWNLOAD his late night set of hardcore dubby jungle.

and here are a few VOID crowd shots... Bass is the place ya'll.

Friday July 20th I had a week off to travel before my next gig which was in Brisbane
(up the Eastern Coast in Southern Queensland) at a club called Uber. I had to rent a
car to get to this one and it was very surreal driving on the other side of the road. I turned
on my windsheild wipers evertime I wanted to make a right turn. But I didn't get killed and
made it to the city early enough to have dinner with Lawrence English who runs the
experimental record label Room40 and his wife Rebecca who runs it's sister label
Someone Good. We had a great vegetarian meal and then they showed us their apartment
where a flashlight discovered two types of wild Australian Possums chillin' in their backyard
trees (one with a baby on its tail - cool). They hooked us up with all kinds of great CDs
before driving us back to the club in time to get a feel for the space... Good peeps.

The Uber DJs themselves (from left to right) Matthew Fraser (aka DJ Aniki of ten pound
who puts on this and other great parties) DJ Rola-D and young DJ Sampology .
All wicked great guys and great DJs to boot. I was on from midnight to 2:00am right after
Rola. I kept his hip-hop vibe going as it seemed to be what this Friday night crowd was after,
then at around 1:00am when the first crowd was thinning a small group of guys showed up
requesting some "Boston Bounce" I was like "hell yeah!" and segued my way up to that speed
and did a private show for these rare enthusiasts who must have found out about the style that
DJ C and I invented through "the Internets." It was a great way to end the night. One really nice
guy named Daniel who is from Germany but temporarily living in Brisbane was particularly
upset about the lack of a boomin bass system that is required for this type of music. -
Sadly that was kind of true, but I still had a great time - partly thanks to people like him.

Monday July 23rd The last gig of my tour was back in Sydney on the day before we were to fly
back to the States. It was on Bec Paton's radio show at 2ser. Make sure you check out her mixes
she's a definite like minded spirit with some serious crates. We talked on-air for a bit then I did a set
of some of my own tracks mixed in with some Bhangra and Instrumental Hip-Hop. She played again
and then had a guest scratch dj do a quick set to hype his participation in the upcoming Aussie leg of
the DMC world championship. We ended the show with Bec and I tag-teaming between vinyl and Serato.
Much fun was had. After taking another long stroll and hitting up another cool record store, we met up with
Damien and his girlfriend Raina for dinner which was really great. We had some drinks and some laughs
and then sadly...said goodnight.

Well "Oz" you done me right. Thanks to all the people who made this trip possible
and to my sweatheart and traveling companion Sabrina. Hope some of the fine Aussies
mentioned above can make it to Boston for a visit sometime soon.
Meanwhile I look forward to the day I get to go back.