LETTER TO G.W. 2/03 by DuoTone

before you act take a step back from the brink
of war with Iraq and think what is it good for Jack shit
your story isn't legit you lose your moral authority
with one dead innocent kid
and there's already been quite a bit
half a million from sanctions along
not to mention all the people blown to bits in their homes
why should we trust you we haven't forgotten
how the CIA trained Osomma Bin Laden
holy war / cold war its all the same
as long as corporate interests have something to gain
fighting poppies or reds got the support of the feds
because we'd rather remain near the oil instead
but times have changed and our objectives were clear
and everyone knew that we weren't sincere
now thanks to your actions we are living in fear
of another fucking terrorist attack
because september 11 was a form of blow-back
from all of our meddling where we didn't belong
now your willing to make things worse to look strong
they're calling you weak in the mind cause your wrong
us American's have already paid for the failure
of the phoney diplomacy of you and your father
selling Saddam our weaponry while calling him enemy
and ignoring the warning of the attacks on the towers
but now we're all supposed to gather 'round you & shower
you with praise for you american ways
while we give up our freedom to sit and blindly behave
back to Iraq yeah go ahead and invade
its what Osamma would want
don't make him sad and dismayed
he wants the anti-american cause to grow
and with this show it will overflow and cascade
push the fervor even further as our might is displayed
you might think twice or twice you'll get played
don't worry send them to war instead
cause you know its just the innocent that end up dead


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