Driving in Boston is known to be screwed
the potholes are huge - the people really are rude
and while some major cities employ a grid system
there doesn't seem to be a speck of logic in our wisdom
winding oneways to learn or get burned
end up father than you started thanks to one wrong turn
meridian strips - carriage lanes
major roads with names that change
so much construction nothing stays the same
so from day to day re-routed routes that range
from slightly out of the way to freakin full on strange
but every rotary must remain
though Bostonians aren't polite enough to play that game
they won't let you off and they won't let you in
so you go around the round about
again and again and again
Compete for the street compete for the street
automobiles bicycles and people on feet (2x)

Biking in Boston is equally hard
end up worse than scarred
if your not on guard
or your gonna get doored
suddenly flipped like a trip cord
from out of nowhere by some dude in a daze
no attention paid - no apology made
even though you left your molar in the car's ash tray
its a war out here - the upperhand is theirs
metal frame protection - self conditioning air
while we breath the smog in the heat - you compare
worth it when I can dip to the side
on my two wheel fossel fuel-less ride
leaving those gurgling spuds not in the dust but the mud
cause its bumper to bumper traffic for the next half mile
walking in Boston is my personal fave
if adventure you crave we know the way to behave
this aint Seattle or San Fran
where they wait at the cross walk
here on the East Coast that would only be laughed at
imagine that wait for a sign on a light
or get a ticket from some piglet on a police bike
this is the J-walker's paradise we flow with the go
playing chicken with those auto-mo-foes make em slow
till we stand with pride at the otherside of the road
thats how we do it here in Boston son
now ya know


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